Wednesday, April 6, 2011

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So boho-chick?

So sitting in the kitchen, watching a program about life with all from people from different paths of life, from no-one to global stars.

As lifestyles more are becoming concepts that are for sale, nothing is sanctuary anymore.

Reflecting on the different lifestyles around my self you find all from technicians, entrepreneurs, engineers, artists and many many others.
- How comes this conceptualization of living life?
(a modern hipsteror the it entrepreneurs .

Do we all want it or do we all do it?
What is my own view of my own life? And even more interesting is what is my life stile and choice show seen form other peoples eyes?

Since most people know who they are and what they do, it might be good to reflect on what you are signaling yourself also to ensure that you are delivering what on what you intend.

Some people might see ikea as the concept living for "compact living", often associated with a person with a lifestile that is focused on social, out n about and working or doing there study's.

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