Monday, February 18, 2013

Airport vs airport

As everyone want to monetize more and more, the fine line of quality and service is being challenged .

Singapore airport had almost everything you could ever need for free. WiFi, entertainment, lounge, rest areas, fresh drinking water and even parks(!?!).

Sitting at Bangkok airport at a cafe (no wifi included) is just bit sad when been experiencing a great alternative.

What do modern passengers want, at what cost and who will pay?
Since data connections is almost free/included in any mobile subscription today, internet becomes a available standard. Something that is always on and expected to be available free anywhere, 24/7, included in any price you already paid (airline ticket etc), since you have a boarding pass that could be used as a key if required to connect identity .

How about offline time?
Should it be forced or is it up to every person, what should be common senses in this question of life on/offline? 
Is it the rules suggested by the mother to her kid when getting a smart phone?
Or as you might learn in the military service in the field where you been striped searched before an training exercise and is forced offline for next 14 days?
More mobile providers are advertising time offline to recharge and recover, so you better can be at full speed when require. Even workplaces are now showing that their brand try to draw a line between work and free time.

As airport was designed to look similar more and more over the world to make traveling and navigation at the airport easier, by using recognizable symbols and signs people can easily find there way to check in and then on to gates  where they will board their flights.
- So will this happen again now, but with standard services and costs?

Will non-business passengers demand internet access it since they are expecting it?

We will travel and see, but Singapore airport is great area the next time I visit the city or are or in transfer.