Sunday, January 13, 2013

apps and services at global level

As more and more people start to create small niched services/apps etc (just think about the 40 billion downloads on iOS recently announced [link to swe text]).

I think more and more providers need to consider how to scale services or be able to export concepts faster.
This also includes the big players. Being out side of US the amount of content is experienced as very very limited.

I had realized it more and more after leaving US 2012 autumn with a new Android Nexus tablet. Even do the Nexus is available in Sweden, when you seen all the content available in US usage isn't as overwhelming anymore.

Of course quality of content is an issue it self, since there is so much, but still. Not being able to browse the "magazine" section in the Google Play store was a experience set back for me. And does not help me to move towards a paperless life-stile yet. (and no i'm not taking any short cut around it proxy:ing etc).

So how will digital consumption vs rights owners work this out?
And how quickly?