Sunday, May 26, 2013

Can you plan your life when studying in school?

"Why I Hate School But Love Education"

Regardless where you are in your studies (or life), it's often very very difficult to navigate where you are going in life and even tricker how you get there. There are questions that you can ask your self and information to find, to help navigate the different paths of life.

  • What is your dream life and what does a day look like?
  • What is your dream job, a job that is taking you one step closer to your life mission each day. ("working when driven of passion for something and you won't be working a day in your life")

- I'm still not sure of the answers today on this questions, and I know the answers have changed over time as I learn more about myself and were I'm in life.

From my point of view I see lots of people running things as normal in their everyday life (especially younger people).
Many of them are not searching for guidance from people around them. Often since people around them are are to busy with their own everyday lives.

Some basics:
  • Try new things (Sports, games, routines, thinking, perspective, views, experiences, people, culture etc etc).
  • Follow things through (result might not be instant, but it will get there)
  • The more you learn the more you can do in life (yes, you are your own limit)
  • Enjoy the moment (thousand years ago old people know 'everything' in the world, today no person can know everything).
  • Reflection is a great tool to help you process your daily 3500 impressions you are exposed to and trying see their 'dream' as the best one. (reflecting will help you focus on what you think is important).
  • Physical exercise should be mandatory in your everyday life (even if just a 30 min walk).

The likely reader of this text might be in school. Therefor please note, education is a benefit that not all people in the world have access to (remember this the day you want to skip a class).

Early studies (any studies before university or collage):
Here it's all about experimenting to find what you like, but  also understanding why areas you should work for good grades so you get more choice later on your path.
Also here is when you can try most things to see what you think is entertaining and interesting.
 And don't forget, if you narrow down your options to early by not studying or not taking on a wide amount of subjects, you might limit yourself before you even know what you think is interesting.
 One advantage I felt is the support from family (and friends) to work trough math and other sometimes time consuming and difficult subjects.

Late studies (university or collage level):
Choose what you think is interesting to learn and want to work with in the future.
 You can always find another path if you think you chosen the wrong one, however consider there are more ways then one to do this.
An example is to finish what you started but plan for a double degree, maybe you can use some of the courses to build a platform for this.

Studies during work:
Hopefully this will develop your skills that will make you progress and develop in your role and carrier.  Or even take you closer to your life mission. (don't forget that knowledge provided by your employer has a price tag that you pay for or you might get as an reward for good work). Or can be a good breakout to help you check you are on the right path to your life mission!