Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Often you remember a dinner in fragments, people you where at the restaurant with, the environment and most likely a few flavors that will stay top of mind as memory's.

This time the restaurant presented a great Champagne for starters. The only thing sticking was the flavor, the name disappeared with the bubbles.

Some of the wines went really really well with the food, as others were the so specific they could never been served with other then that particular dish/flavor. Interesting situation for a wine... (but guess like any business that were that winery makes it cash from, niched products).

The menu:
langustine - broth, cracker, turnip

vendance roe - jerusalem artichoke, flaxseed, butter

beef - leek, parsley, almond


skrei - salsify, whey, dulce

reindeer - yellow beet, rowan berries, marrow

pine bark - fried almond paste, syrup

Restaurant Volt in Stockholm was a good experience, so pass it by!

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